Car Servicing & General Repairs

We'll help keep the cost of running & maintaining your vehicle down with a regular servicing and maintenance. Regular car servicing not only ensures optimum vehicle performance and economy, it also ensures safety areas such as brakes, steering, suspension and tyres. Repairing a vehicle can be costly so to prevent the failure or breakdown of expensive components service your car with Mtech and save time and money.

Servicing Your Vehicle

Trained Mechanics
Our fully trained mechanics have years of experience finding and preventing common component failures.  
  • Full Service Check List
    Change engine oil and filter
      Change air filter
    Change spark plugs (on cars requiring change at 12,000 or less)
      Check/top up transmission oil
    Check operation of exterior and interior lights
    Check and lubricate if required hinges, catches and locks
    Check security and operation of front and rear safety belts
    Check battery level and top up as required
    Check condition of battery terminals
    Check condition of battery charge
    Check and top up front and rear washer bottles and washer operation
      Check coolant level and inhibitor protection
    Check front and rear brake pads/linings for wear (wheel removed)
    Check brake fluid level
    Check front and rear wipers
    Visually check hoses, pipes and lines for condition and leaks
    Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts
    Visually check steering and suspension components for leaks, damage and wear - lubricate as required
    Check for fluid and exhaust leaks
    Check and correct tyre pressures including spare
    Check condition of tyres including spare
    Rotate tyres to even wear (if necessary)
      Check wheel nuts/bolts for tightness
    Reset service indicator (where applicable)


Car Servicing Specialists

Looking for a specialist to service & repair your Audi, Seat, VW or Skoda?
Cut the cost of main dealer servicing your car by coming straight to Mtech the servicing experts.
We deliver full servicing and pre-MOT checks at affordable prices slashing up to 60% off main dealer quotes. We take on work throughout Cumbria and the border region. Whether your a company looking to service a fleet of vehicles or an individual looking to save money of the cost of maintaining their car to it's best performance, your sure to find a cheaper deal at Mtech Auto.

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