Pre-MOT Checks

Peace of mind that you know exactly what will be required for your car to pass first time. Mtech will make a check list of all common MOT failure points and advice you on what work will need to be done in order to pass first time. Please feel free to phone us about servicing or repairing your vehicle today on 01228 711996 or mobile 07545786788.

Saving you time & money

Pre-MOT Check
We check all failure points in advance of your MOT giving you peace of mind when your MOT is due. Know the costs upfront and avoid further expense to your car.
  • Passing Your MOT
    Fully trained and qualified mechanics will thoroughly check your vehicle for any signs it might fail and give you a list and quote for all possible work. Don't leave it last minute, get it checked in advance!
  • Saving You Money
    Many MOT stations will charge you for a second test and many more garages will charge you extra if you need work done fast. Mtech can save you money by eliminating both these costs and give you advanced warnings if work needs to be carried out.

Passing Your MOT First Time

Take the suspense out of MOT-ing your car by having a pre-MOT check. We will check all the possible failure points on your car and give you a quote on what needs fixed and how much it will cost. It's better to know in advance so you can prepare for any costs you may have to pay out to MOT your car. Give us a call and we can best prepare your car to pass first time, saving you the expense of a second MOT.

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